We automate pricing so that you can get back to business

The first modern platform for sourcing data center services

We provide data, tools, and knowledge to help IT professionals, advisors, and providers make better business decisions.

Our Story

UpStack was founded by data center infrastructure experts who were frustrated with the overall procurement experience. We set out to build the ultimate customer experience for IT infrastructure buyers, sellers, and advisors alike. By level-setting pricing and specifications, driving time-to-quote down from weeks to minutes, and enabling businesses to openly connect and share their expertise, we are bringing transparency and ease-of-use to the industry as a whole.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to empower the entire data center services ecosystem – from service providers to IT infrastructure professionals to their advisors – to make better business decisions. For buyers, we do this through quote and price transparency and education. For advisors, we remove the hassle of interpreting quotes so they can focus on consultation. And for providers and their partners, we enable sales teams to quote easily and accurately.

Leadership Team

  • Chris Trapp Founder & CEO
  • Ben Smoot COO & Head Of Product
  • Eliza Trapp Chief Financial Officer
  • Dave Sroka SVP, Sales
  • Chrissy Hines Director, Customer Success
  • Janis Fischer Director, Vendor Relations
  • Alex Cole SVP, Marketing

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