Highlights from the 2022 UPSTACK CX Tech Summit

by | August 25, 2022

On July 14th and 15th, UPSTACK proudly welcomed top customers, advisors, and leading suppliers from across the customer experience (CX) spectrum to scenic Saratoga Springs, NY for two days of conversation and collaboration around a suite of technologies that are rapidly becoming the new digital front door for customers.
Timed to coincide with opening weekend at the iconic Saratoga Racecourse and presented in partnership with CX Effect, the UPSTACK CX Tech Summit helped attendees understand the possibilities CX presents and how harnessing its potential can lead to customer advocacy and true business transformation.

Why CX? Why now?

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges in staffing and retaining talent. With record low unemployment, companies cannot hire hourly workers fast enough to maintain an acceptable level of support for their customers.

Where in the past, companies would simply hire more people to keep pace with growth, they can no longer do that. Instead, they are being forced to shift operating budget to technology to solve this talent deficit.

Whether it is using process automation, conversational artificial intelligence, digital self-service, mobile customer engagement or the full omnichannel orchestration of the customer journey, companies are harnessing the power of technology to:

  • Modernize their customer experience
  • Solve their staffing issues

…while in the process improving the quality of customer interactions, boosting advocacy for their brands (and products), and increasing customer retention.

Equal parts educational and entertaining

On Thursday, July 14 at the Saratoga Casino Hotel, Summit guests joined UPSTACK and a collection of leading suppliers that are helping businesses of all sizes redefine how they engage with their customers, including Ada, Evolve IP, Invoca, Neostella, Replicant, ujet.cx, Uniphore, and Xaqt.

Through informative overviews of the suppliers’ product sets—along with dedicated opportunities to network and ask questions one-to-one—guests learned not only about the broad application and transformative power of CX, but also discovered new and unexpected ways in which the technologies presented can unlock incremental value for both their customers and their business.

The event shifted venues on Friday, July 15, as the group was treated to an afternoon of races at the Saratoga Racecourse. Perched high above the track at the well-appointed 1863 Club, Summit attendees swapped insights and takeaways from the previous day’s session, shared bites and drinks, and may or may not have placed an ill-advised bet (or two).

And as if the day, not to mention the entire event, could get any better, the second race featured a horse in the field with a particularly appropriate name. That’s right, Customerexperience.*

CX Tech Summit 2022 Event Photo

*Disclaimer: No horses were named in the production of this event, although we would not blame you for thinking otherwise. 

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