Press Release
UpStack and MicroCorp Announce Channel Technology Partnership
3 min read
Video Podcast
The UpTake: Episode 3 - Interview with Jezzibel Gillmore of Packet Fabric
15 min read
Blog Post
How To Compare Sites Within A Given Metro
7 min read
How are AWS, Azure, and Google making hybrid cloud deployment easier?
8 min read
Colocation Pricing Series Part 3: What is Included in the Price?
4 min read
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Term of the Day
Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)”
A CRAC unit is a common type of cooling system in data centers that.  They are the large units often seen on the perimeter of a data center room. A CRAC unit is similar to the cooling system in homes and consists of a Direct Expansion (D/X) refrigeration cycle that is powered by a compressor that is within the unit along with fans that draw air across a cooling coil pumped with refrigerant.  This type of cooling is one of the least energy efficient cooling designs in data centers today, but also the lowest upfront CAPEX for data center operators.

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