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Why I Joined The Alliance of Channel Women

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Chrissy Hines

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  • Chrissy Hines, the Director of Customer Success at UpStack, recently joined the Alliance of Channel Women. This organization is committed to providing education, community, advocacy, and opportunities for personal growth for women in the technology channel. 

  • I was invited to my first Alliance of Channel Women event by Billy Sue Glover, the Partner Channel Manager at Cogent Communications. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but about 20 minutes after arriving I knew I wanted to join ACW. There I was in room filled with the most successful women leaders of the indirect sales channel in Telcom & IT Industries. Watching these women promote, empower, advocate, and recognize each other was totally inspiring!

    I strongly identify with ACW’s Mission Statement, “To advance careers and leadership roles for women at the highest levels in the technology channel by providing education, community, advocacy, and opportunities for personal growth.” Women supporting women is something the entire world needs, perhaps most especially women working in Tech. Having worked in this industry my entire career, I can say it is disappointing that I am often the only woman in the room.

    The opportunity to learn from women like Stacy Conrad, Director of Channel Sales for TPx Communications and President of ACW’s Board, Amy Bailey the VP of Marketing at Telarus, and Randee Jennings Chief Executive Officer at the Cirrus Group, just to name a few, moved me to lean in just a little bit more. I’m looking forward to making new friends, improving leadership skills, and most importantly giving back as much as I can.

    Reach out to learn more about ACW or UpStack. UpStack is committed to diversity and inclusion. 50% of our organization is women. 100% of our team are parents; with 14 daughters and counting, our future is definitely female.

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