Legacy Solutions is now a member of the UPSTACK family

Co-founders Michael Sanders and Lauren Sanders Join as Partners

Legacy Solutions co-founders Michael Sanders and Lauren Sanders, a father-daughter team, will join UPSTACK as Partners and true equity stakeholders. They also will serve as advisors to business customers that are sourcing data center, colocation, cloud, network connectivity and other technology solutions through the UPSTACK platform.
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The Team

Michael Sanders headshot | UPSTACK Advisory Partner

Michael Sanders


With an experience spanning over three decades in the telecommunications sector and a substantial financial background, Michael Sanders brings a wealth of expertise to the table. In his most recent role, he led Legacy Solutions, a telecommunications consulting firm that specialized in conducting forensic audits of telecom expenses and adeptly managing vendor relationships.


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Unified Communications

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Cloud Contact Center

Cloud Contact Center

Lauren Sanders | UPSTACK Advisor

Lauren Sanders

Partner Lauren Sanders’ extensive background in strategic communications and marketing has enabled her to become a trusted advisor and valuable asset to her IT infrastructure clients over the years. Most recently, Lauren was partner at Legacy Solutions, a telecommunications consulting firm specializing in forensic telecom expense audits and vendor management.