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The UPSTACK Podcast is an ever-evolving conversation on all things digital infrastructure, giving CTOs, CIOs, CISOs and other tech leaders “food for thought” as they push to stay ahead of the technology curve. Greg Moss, UPSTACK Partner and Managing Director, invites guests to talk candidly about the latest technology infrastructure topics. Co-hosted by SVP of Marketing, Alex Cole, this is sure to be a podcast worth listening to.

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Strategic Technology Sourcing – John Marchisin, Managing Director at AArete
Co-hosts Greg Moss and Alex Cole sit down with John Marchisin, of the global management consulting firm, AArete, to chat about strategic technology sourcing and procurement in Episode 03 of The UPSTACK Podcast. They talk about the cost drivers of Information Technology, why technology leaders are under the microscope with IT spending, and what questions they should ask themselves about their technology stack. Our special guest, John Marchisin is an innovator and catalyst for change with over 30 years of experience in assisting clients in various industries, including higher education and healthcare. He has helped these clients conceive and implement strategic decisions that change the concept of their business to adapt to emerging challenges, regulatory changes, and market demands. John has worked with both public and private universities, academic medical centers, large physician organizations, and specialty hospitals to develop and implement strategic plans, enhance their digital capabilities, and improve their profitability.

20 Apr 2023 · 46 minutes

Cybersecurity – Ariel Pisetzky, VP of IT & Cyber at Taboola

In our second episode, co-hosts Alex Cole and Greg Moss are speaking to Ariel Pisetzky about cybersecurity. They discuss the best strategies to reduce risk at your weakest link, the importance of backups being immutable, and how you can stay on top of cybersecurity in the world of innovation. They even touch on pop culture references from Ghost Busters to the origin story of cybersecurity in the 1984 movie “War Games.” For the past 25 years, Ariel Pisetzky has been working in all aspects of the IT world. Managing AS1680 (one of the first ISPs networks in the world), building data centers pre-cloud era, running all-cloud native operations and back to hybrid solutions. Today, Ariel leads a group of IT professionals that work to implement state-of-the-art solutions, from Open Source to home grown to traditional enterprise software, across Taboola’s global infrastructure. Ariel has held multiple positions as CIO and CISO for web-facing operations from startups to publicly traded companies. Ariel also worked as a cyber consultant for government agencies and cyber defense sector.

19 Jan 2023 · 30 minutes

The Power of Power – Kevin Sanders, Principal Consultant, Data Center Strategy, EYP Mission Critical Facilities
On this episode co-hosts Alex Cole and Greg Moss are joined by Kevin Sanders, Principal Consultant, Data Center Strategy. Kevin has over 35 years of experience in the planning, design, implementation and management of data centers, information systems and networks/communications systems. As a consultant for the past 25 years, Kevin has worked with many colleges and research universities, healthcare, pharmaceutical and financial institutions, including from the Fortune 100 list. Kevin is responsible for all client strategic data center consulting work for EYP Mission Critical Facilities. Kevin spearheaded the use of both financial and technical architecture models to allow clients to understand the “cost timeline” for infrastructure, technology and organizational options to assist CIO’s / CTO’s / and CFO’s in the control and predictability of their Hybrid IT and Data Center budgets.

27 Oct 2022 · 34 minutes