Business Continuity

We’ll help you build your Disaster Recovery Plan and find the best suppliers and solutions to protect your mission-critical data from cyberattacks, natural disasters, or other unplanned events.

Business Continuity – BaaS and DRaaS Solutions

Data protection is vital to your organization’s ability to achieve cyber resilience and the ability to deliver products or services during and after disruptive events. We’ll help you source the best suppliers and solutions to keep your business up and running regardless of power failures, natural disasters, cyberattacks, or other systems failures.

Sourcing Business Continuity Solutions with UPSTACK

Planning for business continuity and sourcing the best data protection and backup solutions on-budget is challenging. At UPSTACK, we can help you plan for uptime and withstand or rapidly recover from unplanned events based on your company’s budgets, compliance, mission-critical applications, and other factors. And we don’t stop at planning. Our experts help you choose the best data backup (BaaS) and/or disaster recovery (DRaaS) solutions, as well as physical spaces and command centers you can rely on. Since disaster can strike anytime, anywhere, UPSTACK support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Business Continuity Expertise from UPSTACK

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service

Can’t afford any downtime? Replicate your compute and storage environment with a trusted DRaaS provider and failover in the event of a disruption.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

UPSTACK’s experts can help you set up on-premises, offsite and cloud backups to meet your company’s optimal time to recover from an outage or breach.

Managed or Self-Managed Backup

We architect and source self-managed or fully-managed, automated solutions that protect your data for you.

Near Real-Time Data Replication

Minimize or eliminate downtime with nearly instantaneous data replication across multiple locations and devices.

Image-Level VM Backups

UPSTACK can source image-level virtual machine (VM) backups that replicate entire operating systems, processes and application configurations.

Annual Failover Testing

To ensure your backup systems work as planned when disaster strikes, our advisors also recommend formal testing every year.



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Business Continuity

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