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Colocation Solutions

With thousands of data centers across the globe, finding the right data center solution for your business can be time-consuming. Our deep bench of UPSTACK technologists, solutions architects, and procurement professionals will save you time by using their collective data center infrastructure expertise and UPSTACK’s advanced technology to present multiple data center options. We can recommend the best providers to meet your requirements, such as complex networks, hyperscale onramps, disaster recovery sites, regional locations, international expansion, high-density workloads, and secure facilities.

Sourcing Colocation Solutions with UPSTACK

Architecting and sourcing data center and colocation solutions with UPSTACK is an efficient, informed, and thorough process. Our advisors have decades of industry experience working with the best data center providers and will help you find the right solution for your business need, including colocation, dedicated hosting, multi-cloud networks, managed services, and more.

Based on your data center requirements for power, facility locations, redundancy, network, support, security, and compliance, our UPSTACK advisors will:

  • research each provider’s services and specifications
  • analyze and present provider quotes for you to compare
  • help you select the best option for your business

Colocation Expertise from UPSTACK

Multi-Site Colocation

Whether you have business continuity, performance or geographic reach requirements, UPSTACK helps you source and coordinate colocation at multiple sites.

High-Density Workloads

Need to pack more computing into a rack for efficiency or AI data-crunching workloads? UPSTACK helps find colo with the power, cooling and load bearing to match.

Direct Connect to Hyperscale Clouds

Bypass the public internet and connect directly to hyperscale cloud providers (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.) over secure, high-speed, low-latency links.

Multi-Megawatt Deployments

With digital transformation, your enterprise data center demands more space and more power. UPSTACK can help, including multisite and multi-megawatt deployments.

Global Infrastructure Services

Whether it’s one site or 100, UPSTACK can help your enterprises source colocation space and network connectivity from facilities and providers around the world.

Edge Data Centers

Edge data centers put your critical resources closer to end users or devices to reduce latency for applications, such as IoT, big data, cloud, streaming and more.

More UPSTACK Colocation & Data Center Expertise

  • Room, Cage, Rack or Cabinet Colocation
  • Private Data Center Suites
  • Move-in Assistance
  • Remote Hands Support
  • Hybrid Private Colocation & Public Cloud
  • Data Center Infrastructure Management
  • Managed Services (e.g., disaster recovery, cybersecurity, compliance, cloud migration, etc.)



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