Data Center Sourcing

Search, source, and manage the data center suppliers you do business with

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  • Prepackaged quoting and partner management solutions

    Simple Supplier Management

    Data center suppliers store and deliver your customized pricing based on existing relationships and MSA’s.

  • Fastest path to quotes

    Waste zero time with instant quotes from your colocation suppliers per existing MSA’s. Register and track channel sales opportunities with each supplier in a single tool.

  • Normalized cost analysis

    Save significant time and minimize mistakes when comparing costs and specs across quotes with the industry’s first colocation pricing normalization engine

Data Center Sourcing Users

Our data center sourcing software supports IT procurement teams and their partners, from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies

  • Site Selection Teams

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    Engineers, architects, and data center procurement teams who handle multiple cloud deployments drive better business decisions with minimal effort.

  • Agents & Consultants

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    Consultants guiding clients through digital transformation and crafting hybrid cloud solutions manage and normalize multiple projects and complex quotes with ease

  • Resale Partners

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    IT equipment and related data center service providers and resellers can include colocation as part of any client solution with minimal effort and time

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