Strategic Telecom Partners is now a member of the UPSTACK family

Tech Advisory Firm Founder Brad Carrell Joins UPSTACK’s Platform as Partner and Managing Director

UPSTACK has acquired Strategic Telecom Partners, a technology services advisory firm based in Overland Park, KS.

As part of UPSTACK’s investment, Brad Carrell, Strategic Telecom Partner’s Founder and Managing Partner, will join the company as Partner and Managing Director.

“Brad is ahead of the curve. He built Strategic Telecom Partners into one of the top-performing technology advisory firms based on delivering an exceptional customer experience long before CX was top of mind,” said UPSTACK Founder and CEO Christopher Trapp. “Customer advocacy is a guiding principle at UPSTACK and one of the many reasons I’m excited to welcome Brad to the UPSTACK team.”

Strategic Telecom Partners, An UPSTACK Company

The Team

Brad Carrell

Brad Carrell


Brad Carrell, a seasoned technology expert with nearly 30 years of experience, excels in providing vendor-agnostic IT solutions to businesses of all sizes. As an UPSTACK Partner and Managing Director, he utilizes UPSTACK’s extensive advisory team and resources to deliver transformative solutions that foster organizational growth.


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