Anders Farrugia

VP of Product
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About Anders Farrugia

Anders Farrugia brings 27 years of technology expertise to his role as the VP of Product at UPSTACK. Leading a team dedicated to reimagining the collaboration between customers and solution providers through technology, Anders is a passionate product innovator and servant leader. His commitment to empowering teams has consistently resulted in achieving measurable business outcomes. Anders has fueled revenue growth at renowned companies such as iCIMS and BlackBerry, with a successful track record that includes the launch of iCIMS UNIFi, a platform-as-a-service framework.

Anders’ journey in technology began with hands-on solution delivery in the VoIP telephony space, providing a strong foundation for developing his business acumen as a channel leader with top technology companies. Prior to joining UPSTACK, he played a key role in leading the integration strategy for a SaaS solution provider, contributing to the development of the largest ecosystem in the talent acquisition industry.

Driven by his keen analytical skills, collaborative approach, and ability to transform challenges into opportunities, Anders thrives on building high-performing teams and mentoring future leaders.

Angie Tocco | UPSTACK Advisor

Holmdel, New Jersey

Anders Farrugia