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About Brian Fagan

Brian Fagan brings to the advisory team more than 18 years of telecommunications sales, engineering, and strategic development experience. Brian managed key strategic accounts from 2005 to 2015 at DRT/Telx and Equinix, where he earned a reputation for client success and strong leadership. Before joining the UPSTACK team, Brian was a driving force behind Cloudwirx.

Cloudwirx was formed in 2015 by three enterprise colocation and network connectivity executives—Brian, along with James Caulfield and Jeremy Dodds—who, after two decades as employees for technology providers, were eager to take a vendor-neutral approach to better solve their customers’ IT challenges. In just six years, the firm had earned an impressive client base and was managing the deployment of large, complex digital infrastructures all over the world. Now, the three executives will serve as UPSTACK advisors to business customers that are sourcing cloud, data center, network connectivity, and unified communications through the UPSTACK platform.

Previously, Brian held business development roles with Colt Technology Services and Savvis, in addition to Telx and Equinix. He started his colocation career back in 2001 managing customer relations for Exodus.

One of the unique projects Brian worked on was with his client Western Digital who was moving a lab environment from in-house to a colocation site. The unique aspect of the project was the density and size of their cabinets. They needed high-density cabinets which were not fully supported during the year of this project. The cabinets were 26”W x 40”D and the weight of the cabinets was close to 3,000lbs. With a raised floor environment that isn’t designed for heavy cabinets, Brian and his team had to be creative and came up with a solution to support that weight. Another challenge was having to plan out the space design to support the high-density. That was Brian’s first deployment working with high-density and oversized cabinets.  Now in 2021, Brian frequently helps organizations that require high-density cabinets, which is the norm today.

Brian Fagan has a bachelor’s degree in management from San Jose State University.


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Recognition & Certification

  • 3-Time Sales Engineer of the Year at Equinix
  • 3-Time President’s Club Winner
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Brian Fagan