Business Process Outsourcing Firm Modernizes Contact Center with Hybrid Approach

UPSTACK enables a global organization to better serve its highly regulated clients.


A business process outsourcing center (BPO) was seeking to modernize its contact center to better serve their customers. The company’s executives searched for new unified communications and call recording to replace its outdated on-premises solution. After identifying the breadth of challenges they were experiencing, including not being able to fully serve one of the largest healthcare providers in the Western US, UPSTACK recommended a hybrid cloud and on-premises approach to meet the needs of the BPO’s highly regulated client base.

The Challenge

Leaders at the global business process outsourcer with 50,000 employees serving banking, insurance, and healthcare clients were looking for a new phone system. They came to UPSTACK to modernize their contact center while maintaining strict compliance suitable for their healthcare and financial services clients. The company’s systems were older and not performing well—it was using a fully depreciated, on-premise solution for both back office and contact center solutions and dealing with multiple capacity and performance challenges. The budget and timeframe would not permit the purchase and installation of a new solution quickly enough to solve these challenges.

The Approach and Solution

To enable the BPO to more fully serve their clients, UPSTACK Partner and Managing Director Trish Van de Bovenkamp worked with their IT team to identify the challenges they were facing. She engaged with providers and selected a hybrid approach using a custom-configured, hosted private cloud solution, with call recording and other elements of the solution on-premises to accommodate data residency requirements, to meet the needs of the company’s healthcare and other highly regulated clients. Taking into account the budget and the concerns of the executives, the rest of the solution was a combination of microservices that were delivered from a public cloud solution.

The Outcome

The BPO replaced the legacy system with a dedicated cloud-based solution on higher-performing unified communications platform, leveraging multiple data centers plus workforce optimization. The new solution was deployed quickly and offered them the ability to scale, while simplifying management and support options. The entire solution was managed and included hosted contact-center-as-a-service, unified communications, call recording, storage, workforce management, and a purpose-built network supplied by the same solution provider.

The new solution was deployed in half the time compared to the legacy solution and resulted in a 40% performance improvement along with successfully meeting customer SLAs. In addition, the new solution offered a range of benefits including the capability to scale up or scale down as needed, and offer its clients hosted or customized solutions. The client is now looking to UPSTACK for additional solutions to modernize their business beyond basic infrastructure including robotic process automation, natural language processing, and conversational AI.


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