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Today’s Commercial Real Estate (CRE) companies offer business tenants much more than office space. They’re developing and operating connected workspaces that are hubs of collaboration and innovation. Reliable communications infrastructure and applications are mission-critical. IT staff and property managers struggle to manage mission-critical communications while under mounting pressure to cut costs.

The Challenge

Whether they’re transforming skyscrapers into towers of tech or campuses into collaborative clusters, CRE developers and operators attract and retain tenants with state-of-the-art amenities. Few, if any, are more important than the high-speed networks and advanced communications connecting them to customers, suppliers, partners and employees that drive revenue.

While it sounds simple enough, enabling CRE buildings with Internet and phone service is often complicated by several factors, including:

  • Managing multiple locations and billing addresses
  • Determining which carriers service which buildings
  • Increasing urgency to replace POTS lines following deregulatory price hikes
  • Rising need for cybersecurity
  • Cutting costs due to lower post-pandemic tenancy rates

The Approach and Solution

UPSTACK Partner Stacey Dupree and her team help CRE companies navigate through these challenges because of her expertise and strong track record of helping IT staff and property managers handle network procurement and project management from end to end, both for new construction and existing properties.

With existing properties, Stacey’s approach begins with an invoice audit to find overbilling on services or facilities that are no longer used or out of contract and billing at a non-contract rate. As a result of this exercise, a current and accurate network inventory is generated, which informs recommendations for changes to network providers, bandwidth, and other services.

Once the proposals are approved, UPSTACK’s dedicated customer experience team takes care of everything, including negotiating carrier contracts, ordering or disconnecting services, managing installations, consolidating billing and ongoing carrier management, empowering you to dedicate more time to other projects.

Once your network is cost-optimized, our technology experts focus on applications and upgrades, such as cybersecurity, cloud communications and collaboration, POTS replacement, in-building and campus Wi-Fi and more.

The Outcome

By working with UPSTACK advisory partners like Stacey Dupree, CRE managers can unlock a multitude of significant benefits, including:

  • Audit cost savings of $300,000 or more on average
  • Time savings to focus on new technology initiatives driving the business
  • Expanded IT headcount at no cost since we’re paid by the vendors
  • Time savings to focus on new technology initiatives driving the business
  • Simplified vendor management

“I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work that Kelly Wood delivers to me and my team daily. Her exceptional customer service, relentlessness, ‘get things done’ approach and dedication to our team’s needs makes her a valuable part of our process. Her efforts are truly appreciated.”

Eric Cruz

Vice President - Building Innovation and Technology, Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc.

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